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<transcy>EXHIBITION - Jérôme Mesnager</transcy>

Exclusively for La Manufacture, renowned artist Jérôme Mesnager creates a unique collection on street art!

Palisades, construction wheels, enameled plaques, street signs...

A beautiful exhibition for vintage and street art lovers!

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<transcy>LA MANUFACTURE</transcy>

Created in 2019 by Hélène Lenorman, La Manufacture Art & Craft takes up the challenge of buying works of art at the right price and offers the possibility to the amateur or confirmed collector to invest in an accessible manner.

La Manufacture Art & Craft collaborates with renowned artists to create unique collections from recycled media such as construction wheels, pieces of the Eiffel Tower beam, cardboard, metro maps, vintage city posters... An affordable offer and the opportunity to approach talents now reserved for a few Happy Few.

The web site of "La Manufacture" gives access to a catalog of world-renowned artists such as Zenoy, EricLiot, Tony Frank, Sino... but also to young talents like Eugénie Lichet, Rakel Wajnberg...

From 300 € to 5000 €, many techniques are present such as painting, collage, photography or sculpture. The works are all accompanied by a certificate of authenticity from the gallery.

Each of the artists of La Manufacture exhibits a "masterpiece" at the gallery and which will of course be presented according to their rib.

More accessible, lithographs, multiples and limited series between 20 and 100 copies will be available. Numbered, signed and enhanced by the artist, they are sold on the website.

Each project created is completely new and carried out exclusively for La Manufacture. Truly “Craft”!…