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Crown "Mr. One Teas"

Mr Oneteas is a French artist born in 1984. Through a self-taught practice, he started graffiti in 2005 and sharpens his style according to his travels, meetings and exchanges by affixing his graffiti on the bend of a street in big international cities.

His work focuses on the question of obsolescence which he develops in his studio by giving a second life to materials or consumer objects from the past reflecting the failings of society. Drawing his inspiration from the media, political and cultural environment, he plays with images and reality, articulating a critique of society, where humour is grafted onto the unusual.

Mr OneTeas founded the "Wack Donald's Project" to fight against the excesses of junk food and fast food. Thus, since 2014, this "artist" has been militating with his art in the streets of Prague, New York, Paris, Brussels, Porto...
Weight : 5.5 kg

1.500,00 €