street art Jérôme Mesnager corps blanc paris

Jérôme Mesnager is the father of “the Man in White”, he is one of the first Parisian street painters. In thirty years, his art has become an artistic movement commonly called urban art or graffiti.

He is one of the founders, in 1982, of Zig-Zag, a group of ten very young artists in "zig-zagging in the jungle of cities" who decide to occupy the street by drawing graffiti and, also, to occupy briefly, the time of an artistic performance, abandoned factories.

On January 16, 1983, he invented the Man in White, “a symbol of light, strength and peace”. This white silhouette, also called “White Body” or “White Man”, Jérôme Mesnager has reproduced across the world, from the walls of Paris to the Great Wall of China.

“I do paintings and the canvas is the world. "
Jerôme Mesnager is touched by the desire for an art accessible to all:
"I said to myself: I will be free from any commercial circuit, in the street, we can make art for the people of our time, for passers-by like tramps! "

For La Manufacture, Jérôme Mesnager creates unique works on street supports such as fences, pieces of Eiffel beams or construction wheels.

July 10, 2020 — Helene Lenorman

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