Full Colors de Zenoy, « la haute couture artisanale et fait main »

Great news: Zenoy, one of our flagship artists, has just launched his latest book, Full Colors ! This project is the culmination of an exciting and intense adventure lasting more than three months. Like Zenoy, this book is an almost spatial exploration in the world of colors, where every detail is important.

Active graffiti artist since 1988, Zenoy has become a key player in the world of tagging and in the landscape of French graffiti.

In addition to his great mastery of colors and his perfectionism, Zenoy is committed to creating unique and original works like this book, for which each cover has been handmade.

To get this original work, go to artist's website.

Otherwise, get on board with us and travel with Zenoy to Galerie La Manufacture, lots of works await you.

February 06, 2021 — Helene Lenorman

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